Deer Hunts

Hunting in a state where tags are guaranteed during the peak of the rut can be one of the most affordable and rewarding hunts you can ever experience. Nebraska’s rifle season is timed to coincide with the peak of the rut, so you get a chance to hunt when mature bucks are chasing does, fighting, and exposing themselves in a lot of open country. This makes for a very exciting and eventful hunt.

Most of our hunts will occur out of heated box blinds, which are mobile, if need be, ladder stands, or pop ups. Our rifle season is nine days in mid-November. Because of its high demand and short season availability, booking is limited. Call us for booking before spots are filled.

Trophy Whitetail Hunts

Nebraska can be considered a sleeper state for big bucks, but good nutrition with all the grain and hay fields, as well as lots of private land make the perfect environment for big, mature bucks. Tags are guaranteed which are reasonably priced, and insure you will have an affordable, enjoyable hunt, with lots of deer numbers.

Bucks will average 130” – 150”, depending on the year with a top end of 170” – 180”. That’s what makes this a great hunt. Passing on small bucks leads to bigger bucks in the future. We do not shoot anything smaller than a mature 4” x 4”.

Archery Deer Hunts

Archery hunts in Nebraska can be a very rewarding and successful hunt. With the season starting in early September, the chance of harvesting a velvet buck can be very good. With our dense oak timber, along with numerous water holes among the timber this can be the key to punching your early season tag. If you are looking for a late October pre-rut or November rut hunt, we also have stand locations  and shadow hunter blinds over water holes and late season food source hunts.

Muzzleloader Whitetail Hunts

Our muzzleloader hunts occur in December, with second rut happening throughout the month. This hunt is weather dependent. If it is warm hunting can be tough. If it is snowy or cold, hunting can be the best there is all year, especially if over a food source. This tends to be the best hunting of the year, if conditions cooperate. Permits are available and unlimited. We have numerous food plots and grain fields planted for this late season hunt. Most hunts this time of year will be out of heated box blinds. Call us today and book your spot.

What To Expect?

Bring proper hunting clothing for the conditions including rain gear and warm clothing, a flat shooting rifle, 243 or greater, along with binoculars, and range finder.